What we should expect from a probate attorney?

What we should expect from a probate attorney?

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The probate process

Probate is the procedure where the probate court authorizes the estate representative to speak and act on behalf of the estate. This lengthy procedure includes making sure the Last Will and Testament satisfy the state’s standards for a lawfully executed Will and submitting it for review. Notifying the heirs and creditors of the decedent’s death and the submission of the Will, transferring ownership of the deceased person’s possessions to the estate, and distributing the estate’s assets to the beneficiaries and heirs after paying all debts and taxes. Now, we will understand what we should expect from a probate attorney. 

What do we expect from a Probate Attorney?

A general practice attorney is not a probate attorney. A probate lawyer has knowledge of the probate procedure and specializes in estate administration. They are knowledgeable in probate and will be able to guide you through each process. An executor’s lawyer will:

  • Fill up and submit the required documentation to the court,
  • Set up service for all parties involved,
  • Inform you of your future steps and accompany you to any required court hearings.
  • Giving the Executor guidance on how to represent the estate following their appointment is part of a full-service representation. 

The fees of a probate attorney

The complexity of your case and the degree of representation you select will determine how much a probate lawyer charges. The quantity and value of the decedent’s assets and the conflict among the decedent’s heirs are major determinants of this. In some areas, the Probate lawyer charge amount according to the estate, but in other states, they charge hourly. 

Full Service representation of Probate Attorney

They can help you discover estate assets. Gather those assets, final file income and estate tax returns, pay bills, and distribute remaining estate assets to heirs if you decide to retain a probate lawyer with a more comprehensive representation model.  

Although it can be quite beneficial to have professional assistance in this area, you should be aware of these tasks—like contacting banks to gather and transfer assets. This one you might complete on your own. By handling some of the job yourself, you can save yourself and the estate a significant sum on legal bills.

The hourly billing will be done within 15 minutes when you receive calls from probate.

What to expect from a limited representation of Probate Attorney-

You can determine that you have enough time to handle these estate-related activities on your own. If so, you should set expectations with your probate attorney and decide who will be responsible for particular chores. This will avoid duplication of effort and will cost you money. It ensured that crucial chores were not overlooked.

The probate lawyer should inquire about the assets, creditors, and heirs of the deceased at your initial meeting, but you should also ask some questions.

Ask them to answer any questions you may have related to the probate procedure. The estate of your loved one, as well as what will expect of you as the executor. This will make it easier for you to customize your agreement with the lawyer only to cover the things that you will need aid with.

Main duties of probate attorney –

  • The probate lawyer first submits the probate petition to name a personal representative. He also manages all other judicial requirements.
  • He might, for instance, present his case in a will fight to determine the executor.
  • In addition to handling creditors’ claims, he notifies beneficiaries, heirs, creditors, and any parties who have entitled to notice of the probate.
  • After finishing all the many administrative tasks, he creates and submits a petition for final distribution.
  • The lawyer details the personal representative’s activities during his time of administration in this petition to the court.
  • The lawyer discloses the personal representative’s possession of assets and funds.
  • Finally, the lawyer requests that the personal representative for permission and instructions from the court to distribute the estate’s assets in accordance with the terms of the will.
  • If any property is owned in another state, the probate attorney may also work with the lawyer managing ancillary probate.
  • There may also be non-probate difficulties that require legal assistance, such as obtaining life insurance or dealing with issues like annuity payments.


Ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are followed. A dependable probate lawyer can assist you. Most homeowners will seek legal advice at some time when they start to consider how they want their assets divided.

A probate lawyer is a qualified attorney who aids clients in the probate procedure. A probate lawyer could complete and submit papers to the probate court, maintain track of crucial dates, and more, depending on the intricacy of your case and your agreement with them. 

An estate has settled in numerous ways with the help of a probate lawyer, who can also help the beneficiaries and executor.

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