What is an estate planning attorney?

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What is an estate planning attorney?

As you get older, having a secure estate plan is essential to know your property and family will be taken care of when you are gone. Includes preparation. This is especially beneficial when hiring a real estate planning attorney. These attorneys specialize in many areas of real estate planning, including federal and state law related to wills, taxes, trusts, and powers of attorney.

What is the role of an estate planning attorney?

A real estate planning attorney is a lawyer who specializes in handling real estate planning issues. Regarding certification, these attorneys are no different from those specializing in mergers and acquisitions or personal injury litigation. However, regardless of specialty, they must pass the bar exam of the state in which they practice. 

The difference lies in the expertise that probate attorneys have acquired through years of experience in various matters. A real estate planning attorney’s responsibility can be wide-ranging, but all goals focus on one goal. This support comes in many forms. In particular, Estate Planning lawyers can assist in drafting wills and wills and setting up trusts. Real estate planning lawyers can also help minimize real estate and inheritance taxes. You can also help the executor transfer the property to your beneficiary after death. If you need a discount, it will help you too.

In addition, a real estate planning attorney can help ensure that you are prepared for an end-of-life scenario in which you cannot make decisions on your own, including creating living wills. A good estate planning attorney can serve as a legal guide on all aspects of preparing for the end of life.

How much does an estate attorney charge?

When you meet a real estate attorney, they usually set the price immediately. These come in several variations and combinations, including initial call charges, hourly charges, and fixed charges. In most cases, the longer a lawyer spends on your property, the more payments you will make. Fee rates vary by lawyer and by state. Law firms often charge an initial fee to meet with a lawyer for about an hour. This time we will review your estate planning needs and determine if you are suitable for us. If possible, ask for a quote in advance so you can easily compare prices between each attorney. 

Long-term maintenance costs may depend on when you consult an estate planning attorney. For example, let’s say you and your spouse decide to work with an attorney on her 68th birthday. However, if a spouse died when she was 75, her estate plans would have to be adjusted significantly. For example, if you have another grandchild.

How can you find an estate planning attorney?

To find a real estate planning lawyer, you must seek recommendations from friends and family. Your personal experience is the best indicator of lawyer quality, and you can also seek referrals from a state bar association or a county or local probate court. Financial advisers usually have lawyers who refer clients regularly, so you can also recommend one to you. 

 A lawyer specializing in real estate planning does not necessarily have to distinguish between them. You do not need to have your qualifications or titles. Instead, they call themselves estate planning attorneys or estate planning professionals. Your entire practice may be focused on this area of ​​expertise. They may also discuss areas of real estate planning they have experience. Of course, you must work with a real estate planning attorney who has passed your state’s bar exam. Country-specific know-how is crucial when it comes to real estate planning. This is because laws and probate procedures vary by state and location. 


Planning a property is a complex task with myriad decisions from start to finish. A property planning attorney can help you determine the best plan for your unique situation. With the help of a qualified professional, you can confidently enter the property planning process. This will let you know that your plan is airtight and will only bring you peace of mind.

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