How much does an estate planning cost?

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How much does an estate planning cost?

Estate planning ensures that the persons or entities to whom an individual desires to leave their estate do so in the manner planned. Once everything is set up and completed, having an attorney prepare a comprehensive estate plan can be expensive. Whether you employ an attorney or do it yourself, estate planning will cost

How much does estate planning cost?

Estate planning can be considered a one-time investment to protect your family from all upcoming difficulties after your demise. Estate planning may seem quite expensive, but compared to its perks and benefits, it seems more reasonable. Here are some of the factors that affect the overall estate planning cost:


Estate planning attorneys‘ fees differ based on their experience, compensation, and location. The probate procedure may delay the distribution of your assets for up to a year. However, you can assist your heirs in avoiding this inconvenience with sound estate planning. A skilled estate planning attorney can help you with wealth management and estate planning.

In determining the eventual cost of service, the size of the estate in consideration could also be necessary. In contrast to an older person with a more significant estate, a mid-aged adult with an average-sized estate will have to put in less effort. However, they do not all adhere to the same rules to establish the costs for their services. For example, while some attorneys may cost you flat fees, others may charge you per hour.

Average Hourly charges-

The attorney’s locality, level of experience, and education will all affect the hourly rate. Larger law firms typically have higher hourly rates than less prestigious ones. An estate planning attorney often charges $300 to $700 per hour. Estate planning litigation is also typically on the more expensive spectrum.

Flat fees-

It is usual for an attorney to bill a set rate for creating a will and other crucial estate planning papers—costs for a basic legal proposal range from $500 to $1,000. A lawyer typically bills between $1,000 and $1,500 for a will. A complete estate planning package with all the necessary documentation costs $2,500.

Advance Healthcare Directive-

A Living will or advanced health care policy is a legal tool that allows you to speak up for your interests regarding end-of-life care. If you want someone to make medical decisions on your behalf in situations other than end-of-life care, you should give them a mandate for health care. For example, you might pay an attorney $250 to $300 per hour to prepare an advance health care directive.

Power of attorney 

A power of attorney is typically a legal document that safeguards your interests when you are rendered incapable of doing so. Power of attorney will even allow someone else to make decisions on your behalf to treat a life-threatening disease if you don’t have an advance directive for health care. A power of attorney is essential to any estate plan for safeguarding your interests in the event of incapacity.

State-by-state variations in the cost of hiring an attorney to establish a durable medical power of attorney result in an average drafting fee of around $375 to $400.

Revocable trust-

A Living trust (revocable trust) is a legal agreement that establishes mutual ownership between the individual and the trustee for a particular asset or property that the individual possesses. This is one of the most effective Estate planning methods to avoid probate expenses and other difficulties. In the worst-case scenario, the property and assets would pass to the trustee without any taxation or legal charges. They keep the individual’s privacy and make the transition easier after death. 

As the name implies, a revocable trust will be amended, changed, or revoked entirely. Because they prevent legal disputes, these trusts are advantageous to the grantor. However, a court order will require the grantor’s creditors to have access to the estate.

Trust formation is often expensive. For example, the typical price for an attorney drafting a trust is $2,000, sometimes even more.


The maximum cost for estate planning for small-scale properties might cost around 3000 USD approximately and 4500 USD for larger estates, including all the factors and conditions applicable to it.

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